Vector Art

Vector Art is our favorite art! Well, most of the time. Vectors are object-based, not pixels. It can be resized without loss of quality and is easier to edit. File extensions that support vector art include:

Before you send us your vector file please convert all text to outlines and embed all placed images.

Raster Art

Raster Art is art that incorporates scanned-in imagery such as a photo or hand-drawn art, or art that is built in a pixel-based program such as Photoshop. File extensions that support raster art include:

In order to reproduce a photographic image we require a file with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch at final size or the actual photo.

If you are placing an order of 5 or more garments, an hour of our artists’ time is included in your price. More complicated projects require special consideration and can incur additional art fees. We will require a $25 deposit if you need us to begin your design before you’ve placed your order. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but is applied to the balance of your order.