Weiskamp Garage Sale – 2019 Spring

May 19, 2019

Mark your calendars for our Epic Weiskamp Garage Sale! This Saturday, May 25th from 8-1PM.  We’re clearing out our warehouse and offering BRAND NEW blank and decorated garments in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hats, basic t-shirts, dry fit tees, polos, dress shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, quarter zips, full zips, athletic wear and more!  Whether you’re looking for some misprint t-shirts to wear while gardening or looking for a great deal on some nicer items, we bet you’ll find something you like.

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How is Custom Embroidery Priced?

February 11, 2019

EmbroideryWe believe in transparent pricing for our customers, so here we detail a full explanation for all possible embroidery costs.  We’ve made some changes in 2019, and don’t want anything to come as a surprise to you. The biggest change involves calculating the cost of your embroidered design by the number of stitches in your design, rather than a flat rate per logo. The second biggest change involves a different pricing formula for Customer Provided garments.

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Local Resident makes News for DACA Protest

January 18, 2018

Last week we got a next day rush order request for a custom sweatshirt, here is the message: “My mom is going to be protesting in DC on her 78th birthday on 1/17. I would like to have a sweatshirt made for her that says “I WANT A CLEAN DACA BILL FOR MY BIRTHDAY” with a picture of a birthday cake with 78 on it.”  We were able to accommodate their rush request, and this morning they followed up with us and shared an NBC Nightly News clip, view here.

A group of over 100 Jewish activists travelled to DC to participate in a pro-DACA demonstration in support of Dreamers this week. After staging a peaceful sit-in, 86 people Daca Protestwere arrested, including several residents from the Champaign area. If you’re interested in learning more about this story, here is a Fox News video, as well as a video from Bend the Arc Jewish Action.  You can read more about the story on WAND 17.

If you have a t-shirt story you’d like us to share, please contact us.

Donate Sweatshirts to Those In Need

November 28, 2017

Have you heard about the Daily Bread Backpack Giveaway?  For the past 9 years, the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen has organized and accepted donations of clothing, socks, and toiletries – and fills around 800-1000 backpacks to be given away to folks in need.  Last year, we were approached to donate any warm clothing we could.  To spread awareness about this kind and generous local organization and event, we are encouraging anyone who can afford to donate towards a few sweatshirts to please do so, and we’ll match your donation. Continue reading “Donate Sweatshirts to Those In Need”

Pop-Up Poster Printing – Imbibe Urbana

February 2, 2017

Have you been to Urbana First Fridays, organized by Imbibe Urbana?  Every first Friday of each month, Imbibe Urbana hosts all kinds of fun and cool community events in and around downtown Urbana! In February we were invited to host a pop-up poster printing mini-workshop for everyone, from 5:30-8:00.  Folks got hands on and screen printed their own LOVE FOR ALL poster to take home with you.   We were set up in the Cohen Building, across the street from Bohemia at the corner of Race & Vine in downtown Urbana. We were in the same space as Lumen Events, who hosted cocktails for the evening, plus a black-out poetry craft table.

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Happy Holidays from Weiskamp!

December 22, 2016

This time of the year we reflect back and appreciate the many things to be grateful for.  As a local business, one of our favorite things about Weiskamp is being able to get to know people in and around our extended community.  We wouldn’t be Weiskamp without our friendly and loyal customers – thank you so much for your business this year, you guys are truly awesome. Continue reading “Happy Holidays from Weiskamp!”

Prairie Fruits Farm Opens New Store

November 17, 2016

Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, an awesome local farm that makes their own delicious cheeses, is a favorite outdoor destination for the Champaign-Urbana community.  Visiting their farm is always an experience, where you can often taste their cheeses, see how cheese is made, and best of all, visit with their friendly goats! Their brand new store, The Real Stand, offers even more of an experience when you visit.

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Artist Edition Pygmalion Tees and Totes

September 22, 2016

We are proud to sponsor  The Pygmalion Festival and a be a local vendor at The Made Fest for the third year in a row. What we love most about Pygmalion and The Made Fest is the expression of creativity and sense of community created by the festival. Not only does Pygmalion celebrate music, writing, food, technology, and handmade crafts as creative expression, it brings people together from within and beyond our community.  It’s definitely a treat to be involved with Pygmalion!

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Proposal T-Shirt Story

July 14, 2016

This picture says it all! There’s always a story behind every t-shirt, and this one in particular was so sweet we just had to share it.  Jake came in asking if we could do just one custom infant t-shirt, and since we have no minimum for orders, we were glad we could help him out with his proposal t-shirt!


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Weiskamp Garage Sale

June 8, 2016

Mark your calendars for our Epic Weiskamp Garage Sale on Saturday, June 18th from 9AM-4PM!  We’re spring cleaning our warehouse and offering BRAND NEW blank and decorated garments in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hats, basic t-shirts, dry fit tees, polos, dress shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, quarter zips, full zips, athletic wear and more!  Whether you’re looking for some misprint t-shirts to wear while gardening or looking for a great deal on some nicer items, we bet you’ll find something you like.

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Homer Soda Fest T-Shirts

May 19, 2016

We’re excited to be live screen printing Homer Soda Fest t-shirts this year!  Our booth will have four different t-shirt designs you can choose from, and we’ll screen print it right in front of you. If you’re curious about screen printing, we love to answer questions.  Some people like to get more hands on and give screen printing a try themselves!

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It’s a Champaign Life: Business Backstage

October 16, 2015

Would you like your own It’s a Champaign Life t-shirt?  How about actually screen printing it yourself, perhaps while sipping on some delicious wine from Miga? The best part: it’s free! On Tuesday, October 20th from 6:00-7:30, we’re hosting the first of Champaign Center Partnership’s new series It’s a Champaign Life: Business Backstage that explores what goes on behind the scenes at our local businesses in our community.  Register here today, there’s only a few spots left!

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Vet Med at Illinois Open House 2015

October 2, 2015

When was the last time you had the chance to see geckos, goats, horses, cows, snakes, bunnies, sheep, birds of prey, dogs and cats? Now’s your chance! At the Vet Med at Illinois Open House on Sunday, October 4th from 10:00-4pm you have the chance to join thousands of visitors to see awesome demos and learn about the incredible science, research, and education happening at Vet Med.

Would you like to see a cow or goat being milked? How about meeting owls, a hawk, and an American Kestrel? Or learning about taking care of reptiles, dog obedience, or service dogs? Discover all the cool things you can see here. 

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CLAW: Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling

September 26, 2015

It all started with a Facebook comment.  A friend of one of the founders of CLAW used to wrestle in Kalamazoo back in the nineties, and mentioned on Facebook how she was thinking of ladies wrestling again. That started the gears turning…how fun would it be to have a bunch of lady friends get together in outrageous costumes and wrestle? Turns out, SUPER FUN – for the bad-a$$ lady wrestlers, AND the audience. Continue reading “CLAW: Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling”

Custom T-shirts at University of Illinois

September 18, 2015

We’ve been providing custom t-shirts at University of Illinois for over 30 years from our nearby downtown Champaign location.  To make it more convenient for students, we’re excited to announce our satellite office right on U of I Campus! In partnership with Neutral Design Studio, students, faculty and anyone in need of custom t-shirts now have the convenience of stopping in to speak with designers and place their order right on campus.  Continue reading “Custom T-shirts at University of Illinois”

Sophie McMahan Art on Tees and Totes

September 2, 2015

If you’ve been in Chambana a while, chances are you’ve seen artwork, t-shirts, pins and more by Sophie McMahan around town being worn and at places like Furniture Lounge, Art Coop, and Cafeteria & Co. Her style is entirely one-of-a-kind, and it really makes a bold impression! In fact, one of our Weiskampers received 8 compliments from total strangers within one night of wearing a freshly screen-printed t-shirt with art by Sophie McMahan.   Continue reading “Sophie McMahan Art on Tees and Totes”

Your C-U Community Print Shop!

August 31, 2015

Having taken roots in Champaign-Urbana in 1982, Weiskamp Screen Printing has been involved with the C-U community for over 30 years.  We continue to engage with the community whenever possible, often hosting free poster workshops to teach students and community members about the art of screen printing. If you’re interested in bringing your organization or class for a screen printing demo to see your custom t-shirts printed in-house, contact us!

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Urbana Sweetcorn Festival – Live Screen Printing

August 27, 2015

The 40th annual Urbana Sweetcorn Festival 2015, is happening Friday 5-11pm & Saturday from 11am-11pm, August 28-29! Live music, art, crafts, community, delicious food… what more could we ask for in the largest free festival in Champaign County? How about custom t-shirts? Since so many people have asked where they can get the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival t-shirts the staff wears, for the very first time, Weiskamp Screen Printing has been asked to print on-site festival t-shirts for you! When was the last time you had the chance to see live screen printing?

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Pens to Lens: Empowering Students Creativity

August 19, 2015

When you were young, did you ever create fantastical story lines and engage in imaginative play? Perhaps you imagined your stories on the big screen, brought to life for others to see.  Chances are that for you, this was just a fantasy. Unless, of course, you actually became a film maker. However, K-12 students today (if they have the fortune of living in East Central Illinois) actually do have the opportunity to turn their creative inspiration into real films.


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Would you like a free t-shirt?

August 19, 2015

We care a lot about art and design at Weiskamp, it’s pretty hard not to since nearly every staff member is an artist of one form or another. This limited edition dinosaur t-shirt was designed by one of our talented staff artists, MMAFT Designs.  Check out more of her designs and art on Pinterest or Facebook.

Who doesn’t like a free t-shirt? We are offering all visitors to our 312 S. Neil St storefront this free t-shirt, no strings attached! Limit one per visitor.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn about other free t-shirt offers and contests we hold throughout the year. Are you an artist that wants to showcase your design on a custom t-shirt? We’d love to promote your custom artsy t-shirts too!