CU Artist Press

March 10, 2020

The CU Artist Press Gets A New Look

We are so excited to announce that the CU Artist Press, presented by Weiskamp Screen printing, is being re-launched this month.  There is a new logo, new designs and new features that will make it more accessible to art lovers and artists alike.  With an enhanced online presence and a physical location in the community, we are expecting that it will be a great success!

Art in the Community

The Artist Press first opened in September 2017 with the mission of providing a business opportunity and exposure for local, independent artists.  We also wanted to provide the community an opportunity to discover and support the local artists through wearable art.  Our mission remains the same, but with a renewed energy and sense of purpose.  We have dedicated ourselves to not only providing the platform and end product but also with marketing and increased exposure.

New Features

Artist Press Holographic Stickers
For a limited time, get a limited edition holographic sticker when you submit your designs to the Artist Press.
  • Better visibility from our website
  • A tie-in with the Lightbox
  • Up to four products per artist (one design on four different garments or four different designs, your choice!)
  • Your artist statement and links posted with your designs
  • Each of our monthly community newsletters will feature an artist from the Press
  • A chance to join in on t-shirt design competitions and give-aways
  • Several pre-printed items for sale in the Nifty Nook and at all of our live print events
  • A new consistent pricing structure
  • A 15% commission on all sales go back to the Artist


For Artists

If you are interested in having your designs available in the Artist Press, you can read the FAQ’s and start the process with the Artist Press Submission Form: Here.

We prefer that your artwork is print ready.  If you have something that is hand-drawn, we can usually scan it and set the files up for you.  View our art guidelines here.

You can view our recommended garments, or the full catalog at the bottom of the page, and then submit for a quote request and we’ll let you know the list price for your design and garment choice and what your potential commission will be.