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10 Ways to Market Your RSO with Custom T-shirts

August 19, 2015

Do you want to grow your Registered Student Organization membership and awareness on campus? Sometimes it’s hard not to get lost in a sea of orange and blue. Custom t-shirts are a fantastic way to build a sense of belonging in a group, as well as a personal walking billboard for your mission.  Plus, it creates an awesome way to break the ice when meeting new people, and a chance to organically spread the word!

Here are 10 ideas for how to maximize your reach and engagement using custom t-shirts:

1.  CATCHY DESIGN. Order custom t-shirts for all current members of your RSO. Have a catchy design, but also let people know what your organization is all about and how to connect with you. You may want to include your Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram handles.

2. WEAR THEM IN NUMBERS. Designate certain school days where all members of your group wear your RSO’s t-shirt.  If people notice the same shirt more than once, it will pique their curiosity.

3. PHOTOGRAPH GROUPS. If you’re promoting your organization with visual content online or in print, make sure you take pictures and videos of your group wearing their matching t-shirts and share this content liberally. Ask group members to share on their own feeds as well!

4. PROMOTING EVENTS. If you’re hosting any events, t-shirts are a great way to promote the event beforehand by wearing them and having a limited number as prizes for engaging and spreading the word before the event.

5. GENERATE BUZZ WITH CONTESTS. Host a t-shirt design contest to generate buzz about your RSO. Have a set of guidelines about what message you want the shirt to promote, and the winning design could be available for sale as a way to fundraise for your organization.  Having the voting happen on FB and Twitter is an easy way to handle the logistics of a contest.

6. OFFSET COSTS. Add value to your t-shirt by having local coffee shops and restaurants or your screen printer sponsor your organization by having their logo on your tee in exchange for offsetting the cost of the t-shirts, or a donation of their services. Perhaps anyone wearing the t-shirt could receive an extra discount if they visit that business while wearing the t-shirt.

7. FUNDRAISE. If your RSO has a philanthropic mission or is involved with any charities, use t-shirts as a way to raise money and awareness for your cause. These can easily be available for sale online in a custom store.

8. PERKS. Use t-shirts as a higher donation perk for your Kickstarter campaign.

9. CAMPAIGNS.  Anytime you want to offer a prize in exchange for volunteering, engaging, or referrals to your cause, creating a campaign around free t-shirts is an easy and fun way to meet your goals.

10. RECOGNITION.  For really active RSO members, a hoodie or fleece that matches the t-shirt is a great way to show recognition and appreciation.

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