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Artist Edition Pygmalion Tees and Totes

September 22, 2016

We are proud to sponsor  The Pygmalion Festival and a be a local vendor at The Made Fest for the third year in a row. What we love most about Pygmalion and The Made Fest is the expression of creativity and sense of community created by the festival. Not only does Pygmalion celebrate music, writing, food, technology, and handmade crafts as creative expression, it brings people together from within and beyond our community.  It’s definitely a treat to be involved with Pygmalion!



Where do our Pygmalion designs come from? Since we have so many artists that work at Weiskamp, we open up a design contest to all staff members to create Pygmalion related designs.  Everyone on our staff has the chance to vote for their two favorite Pygmalion themed designs, and the artists who win get a share of the sales from the fest.

Bob Henne, our on-site Technician, is one of the winners of the design contest this year. Bob, aka, Sound Man Bob, is a very active person in the music scene in Champaign-Urbana. He does the sound for a lot of local musicians and venues, and will be working hard at Pygmalion shows.

Artist edition Pygmalion

We’ve all heard the phrase, “when pigs fly.” It’s meant to indicate an improbable thing, and that’s how Bob feels about Pygmalion. His flying pig for Pygmalion reflects his appreciation for Pygmalion, and how as improbable as it is for Pygmalion to come to our midwest community, it’s real and enriches everyone involved.  As Bob puts it, “It’s an amazing thing. It’s like we have an actual flying pig here in Champaign-Urbana when Pygmalion comes to town.”

Tifani Vancil, our Art Director, is the other winner of the design contest.  She incorporated all facets of the eclectic festival, including the music, literature, tech, made fest, and food elements of Pygmalion into her stylized Pygmalion Crown logo. Artist Edition Pygmalion

We’ll be screen printing these designs LIVE at The Made Fest this year! Pick your design, t-shirt, tank, or tote color, and watch while your shirt is printed while you wait. Or if you want to get hands on, ask if you can try your hand at screen printing yourself!


New this year, we’ll also have other preprinted Artist Edition designs available for sale at The Made Fest. For those of you who are in-town customers, you’ve seen these shirts on display and available for free with your purchase at Weiskamp.  Only at The Made Fest will these designs be available for sale.  The following artists will have their Artist Edition designs available:

Warren Bensken

Matt Brooker Design Co

Tifani Vancil (Space Cats design only available as a poster)

MMAFT Designs

See the shirt designs from our Artist Edition Program here.


WHEN: September 23rd from 4-10, and Saturday September 24th from 12-8.

WHERE: Just west of The Accord, in the parking lot.

The Made Fest is a two-day outdoor curated marketplace featuring handmade and vintage sellers. It’s open to the public and happening The Made Fest was created in collaboration with Pygmalion to provide an avenue for artists and crafters from within and outside the community to showcase their creations.

A HUGE thank you to Pygmalion for allowing our artists the creativity to work outside their brand and create these unique Artist Edition Pygmalion Souvenir tees and totes!