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C-U Artist Press

September 6, 2017

We are excited to introduce The C-U Artist Press, a collective online e-commerce platform for local CU area artists to sell their designs on t-shirts, slip mats, and screen printed posters (printed by participants at Weiskamp Poster Printing Workshops).

C-U Artist Press Mission: To provide a business opportunity and exposure for local, independent artists while providing the local community an opportunity to discover local artists and purchase unique, quality, and local items. 

How does it work?

 Any local, independent artist can submit up to 3 designs for printing on items in the CU Artist Press online store. All artists are welcome!  Artists can set their own shirt prices to control their profits.  Weiskamp Screen Printing collects payments and fulfills each order, and the artist receives a check at the end of each month, minus the t-shirt production costs ($13 for a full color design on Anvil 980 or 880 Fashion Fit T-shirts (S-XL; 2X+ are a little more), plus the 3% processing fee that Paypal charges us).

How do I get started?

Sign up to be in the C-U Artist Press here.   Please allow 5-7 days for your items to get listed.

What printing method is used?

All single shirt orders placed online will be printed on demand using the direct to garment printing method.  Turnaround for each order is 5-7 business days.

How does the customer receive the shirt?

Customers can choose to pickup at Weiskamp, or select USPS shipping for $7.65.  

I’m an artist and I have more than 3 designs, can I list more?

Yes, additional listings are $5.00 each to cover the staff time to have those listed. This cost would be taken out of the profit for each month, or if there are no sales, due at the end of the month those are listed. Each artist may have up to 5 products total in the online store. 

Can I have my design on different shirt colors?

Yes, though keep in mind that for direct to garment printing, garments must be 100% cotton (no heather or neon colors).

Can I have my design on different garment types?

Yes, though if the garment changes, that would be considered a different item, and 3 items are offered for free (additional listings are $5 each). 

What if I’ve pre-printed my designs through Weiskamp and have available stock for an order?

Let us know, and we will email any orders for you to fulfill.  Your cost for this is only the 3% processing fee, and we’ll keep the sales tax to pay Illinois.

How will this be marketed?

Weiskamp will promote C-U Artist Press items in the monthly newsletter, instagram, FB & Twitter, but we highly encourage the artists to promote their own shirts.

Can I include my business cards to ship out with each shirt?

Yes! Just provide us the material you want to include and it will ship out with the order.

What if I want my shirts to be shipped out with special packaging, gift wrapped, etc?

If you’d like to handle the fulfillment of your orders shipping out, you are welcome to pickup your orders and fulfill them yourself. If you have at least 5 items ordered and need them shipped to you before you ship them to the customer, we can offer free shipping to you in this scenario. 

What if I want a special tag printed inside each shirt?

We can definitely accommodate this, however there will be a charge to have heat press transfer tags made in bulk ahead of time.  If you want to provide us a paper tag to attach to the shirt before they ship out, the cost would be $0.50.

Contact us if you have more questions!