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Vet Med at Illinois Open House 2015

When was the last time you had the chance to see geckos, goats, horses, cows, snakes, bunnies, sheep, birds of prey, dogs and cats? Now’s your chance! At the Vet Med at Illinois Open House on Sunday, October 4th from 10:00-4pm you have the chance to join thousands of visitors to see awesome demos and learn about the incredible science, research, and education happening at Vet Med.

Would you like to see a cow or goat being milked? How about meeting owls, a hawk, and an American Kestrel? Or learning about taking care of reptiles, dog obedience, or service dogs? Discover all the cool things you can see here. 

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Custom T-shirts at University of Illinois

Neutral Design Weiskamp

We’ve been providing custom t-shirts at University of Illinois for over 30 years from our nearby downtown Champaign location.  To make it more convenient for students, we’re excited to announce our satellite office right on U of I Campus! In partnership with Neutral Design Studio, students, faculty and anyone in need of custom t-shirts now have the convenience of stopping in to speak with designers and place their order right on campus. 
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Civil and Environmental Engineering at U of I

CEE Women in Engineering Workshop

These t-shirts are for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s inaugural workshop, Women Exploring Graduate Opportunities in Civil and Environmental Engineering, happening at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on September 18-19, 2015. 
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Top 5 Most Popular Custom T-Shirt Colors

t-shirt colors

When planning to place an order for custom t-shirts, it goes without saying that one of the first questions to answer is what the t-shirt color will be.  If you already have a logo or colors you need in the design, that might decide the best color of your custom t-shirt. Or, if you really want a certain color for a t-shirt, that may decide the colors of your design.
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10 Ways to Market Your RSO with Custom T-shirts

Do you want to grow your Registered Student Organization membership and awareness on campus? Sometimes it’s hard not to get lost in a sea of orange and blue. Custom t-shirts are a fantastic way to build a sense of belonging in a group, as well as a personal walking billboard for your mission.  Plus, it creates an awesome way to break the ice when meeting new people, and a chance to organically spread the word!
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