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CLAW: Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling

September 26, 2015

It all started with a Facebook comment.  A friend of one of the founders of CLAW used to wrestle in Kalamazoo back in the nineties, and mentioned on Facebook how she was thinking of ladies wrestling again. That started the gears turning…how fun would it be to have a bunch of lady friends get together in outrageous costumes and wrestle? Turns out, SUPER FUN – for the bad-a$$ lady wrestlers, AND the audience.

CLAW: Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling, launched in the spring of 2015 and after a lot of coordination, planning and practice, the group’s first public performance was held on July 11th at Mike n Molly’s in Champaign. Word about CLAW spread FAST. Their collective of fun, smart and creative women who perform a funny and exciting lineup of professional-style wrestling matches accompanied by live music (props to the CLAW house band Bookmobile!) generated a ton of enthusiasm and excitement. 

Claw Brown RecluseKatie, one of our creative Weiskampers, became a bad-@$$ lady wrestler right from the start. Shake out your boots ’cause The Brown Recluse has arrived! Straight outta the woodpile comes this fierce and tiny predator – a furious whirlwind of fists and elbows (8 of each, to be exact) – and she’s out for blood. Once the proud mother to an egg sac of 50 unhatched spider children, The Brown Recluse is on a mission to find the trespasser who stole away with her log home and broke apart her family, but she’ll tangle with anyone who gets in her way. A loner by nature, you’ll now find her in all the darkest corners of your house and imagination – if you’re brave enough to seek her out. Be warned, though: she’ll keep her fangs to herself – usually – but if you disrupt her nest, she’ll disrupt your face.

As soon as Ed Weiskamp heard about what Katie was up to, he was happy to support CLAW by providing discounts on the t-shirts,  totes, stickers, and koozies.

CLAW Tote, Sticker, Koozie

You can find CLAW on Facebook, Tumbler, Instagram and Twitter. Check out their next performance during Pygmalion on Sunday, September 27 at Mike N Molly’s! Doors open at 5:30, show is from 6:00-7:00 PM, their merch will be available for sale as well.  C-U there!