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Design a Wordle T-Shirt

August 19, 2015

Custom Wordle t-shirts are a great way to showcase your unique message visually. Here are 5 tips to make sure your custom Wordle looks great on a t-shirt.

1. USE WORDLE.NET or WORDART.COM – There are a lot of “word cloud” generators out there, but we recommend using because their service is free and it generates usable art. To save usable art just click in the print button and save as a PDF file.   Tech tip: you need the updated Java plugin installed on your browser in order to create your own Wordles. If you have any trouble, visit their FAQ.

If you want a custom shaped wordle, WordArt (Tagul) is the best service to use. They do charge a fee to download your wordle, $5 for one download, or $10 for 5 downloads. This is definitely the cheapest and best resource for custom shaped wordles on t-shirts.

2. CHOOSE A FONT THAT’S EASY TO READ. Enough said here.

3. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR SCHEME. If you know what the t-shirt color will be, choose colors for your wordle that will really pop on the t-shirt color you choose. If you’d like help with your color choices, visit our Pinterest board about color pallettes and color psychology.

4. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE AS A PDF OR SVG. It’s worth repeating. In order for your Wordle t-shirt to look great, it must be saved in a file that is scalable so our artists can resize your Wordle for t-shirts without losing quality. PNGs and JPEGs will not permit the artists to scale your art for a wordle t-shirt; they would have to rebuild it from scratch. To save your art just click in the print button and save as a PDF file. Tech tip: if you have a PC and it won’t let you save as a PDF, you can use a free program like CutePDF.

5. EMAIL US YOUR PDF or upload to our MyTeeBuilder with the color scheme for the words, t-shirt style and color, sizes, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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