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Donate Sweatshirts to Those In Need

November 28, 2017

Have you heard about the Daily Bread Backpack Giveaway?  For the past 9 years, the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen has organized and accepted donations of clothing, socks, and toiletries – and fills around 800-1000 backpacks to be given away to folks in need.  Last year, we were approached to donate any warm clothing we could.  To spread awareness about this kind and generous local organization and event, we are encouraging anyone who can afford to donate towards a few sweatshirts to please do so, and we’ll match your donation.

We’ll purchase the sweatshirts on December 13th 2017, so if you plan to donate, please do so by then!


Donate Sweatshirts to those in needHere’s how it works.  If you you donate $5, we’ll donate $5, which will provide 1 brand new blank hooded sweatshirt to fill the backpacks.  If you donate $10, we’ll donate $10, which will provide 2 brand new hooded sweatshirts. Our goal is to donate at least 100 sweatshirts, so every donation counts!

If you’re already placing an order with us this month, just let us know you’d like to donate sweatshirts to those in need, and you’ll receive a separate receipt for your donation. You don’t have to be a customer with us to donate though, we accept donations online as well.



Our generous community does a great job of taking care of children in need around the holidays, with programs like Shop with a Cop, Salvation Army Toy Store, and other toy drives.  Adult men and women who are in need are often overlooked, and the Daily Bread Backpack Giveaway was created to help fill this need.  It’s often the only holiday gifts these folks receive each year.

The backpacks go fast, often within two hours.  People line up hours ahead of time, some people will even camp out overnight for the backpacks.

What items are donated for the backpacks? Sweatshirts, socks, soap, gloves, hats, scarves, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, deodorant, hand lotion, cough drops, hand warmers, books, and non-perishable food items.

When we asked Stevie at the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen where they get the backpacks and all the items to fill them, she responded with, “Things just show up, people are very generous. We don’t always know where they’ll come from, and they just show up.”

If you’d like to make a donation of anything else, contact Stevie at

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


UPDATE 12/15/2017 – We raised enough money to donate 100 sweatshirts this year, THANK YOU!