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Ellnora Guitar Festival

September 9, 2015

To involve area artists in the Ellnora Guitar Festival, Krannert Center invites people of all ages to design a 4 foot flat wooden guitar to be displayed during Ellnora in Champaign-Urbana. Two of our staff artists, Niccole and Thomas, took advantage of this open call and used their artistic skills to participate in Ellnora. 




Niccole Powers, one of our friendly front desk artists, decided that painting her guitar canvas like a real guitar would evoke ironic smiles, as most artists choose a design entirely unrelated to guitars. You can see more of Niccole’s art on her website – Pow Pow Designs.

Thomas Ellnora Guitar

Thomas Frye, one of our skilled screen printers, was inspired to create a Lovecraftian hawk with tentacles on his Ellnora guitar canvas.  His artwork often includes normal subjects with certain elements slightly wrong or unsettling to evoke curiosity and encourage the viewer to write their own story behind the snapshot his artwork provides.  Check out more of Thomas’s art on Instagram – @ghostsandyetis!



Ellnora T-shirts

We’ve had the honor of printing t-shirts for Ellnora Guitar Festival since 2011.  We’re always excited to print custom t-shirts for events, organizations, and businesses in our Chambana Community, especially when it’s promoting the arts!

ELLNORA 2015 is September 10-12 at Krannert Center.  C-U there!