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Introducing LIGHTBOX

August 19, 2015

Do you see that big window to the right of the door of our storefront? We were brainstorming creative ideas about how we could better use that awesome window space. A while back, just for fun, our owner Ed Weiskamp decided to bring one of his backyard chickens in and have breakfast.Front Window Ed Weiskamp





Since that didn’t seem like a sustainable use for the space, another idea was born. Since we care a lot about art, design, and promoting local at Weiskamp, we figured: why don’t we offer that window to local artists to showcase site-specific installations of their artwork? We brought the idea up with 40 North 88 West (Champaign County Arts Council) and they totally dug the idea too.

Then came the task of coming up with a name for the program/space . Because people often see the window display while at the streetlight, and because it’s lit up at night, a clever staff member came up with LIGHTBOX.

While LIGHTBOX is indeed a gallery for area artists in the Champaign Area Community, it’s not meant to showcase paintings, but rather provides a space for artists to create an original installation using the LIGHTBOX space. The art installations rotate every three months.

So are you an artist? Do you have an idea for a creative installation in LIGHTBOX? Contact us today!