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LIGHTBOX – Cory Imig

July 14, 2016

This summer we welcomed Cory Imig as our newest Lightbox artist!  Walk, bike, or drive by Weiskamp at 312 S Neil St in Champaign IL to see her peice, on display June 15- September 15th, 2016.

Currently, Cory Imig is an MFA student at the University of Illinois. Before moving to Champaign she attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied Fiber and Sculpture.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the United States, in spaces such as Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, MO), Hardesty Art Center (Tulsa, OK), ACRE Projects (Chicago, IL), and DEMO Project (Springfield, IL).


Here are Cory’s own words about her current LIGHTBOX piece:


My work takes the form of large-scale installations that focus on the way we interpret three-dimensional space, repetition and pattern. In this installation, “Rhombus in Yellow” I wanted to create a minimal yet graphic response to this particular space at LIGHTBOX Gallery.  I was interested Cory Imig Carsin playing with the fact that the gallery is a storefront window, located on a busy road, that many people view only from inside of their car.  My goal with the work was to create something that could be understood from a rapidly passing car while at the same time offering the slower pedestrian perspective a little something more.  Taking advantage of the shallow yet abundant amount of space in the window, the installation folds onto the floor of the gallery as well as the walls extending the piece out to the sidewalk.   Once standing in front of the window the installation transforms from a two-dimensional flat plane to a three-dimensional exploration of space.

This minimal yet striking gesture mimics the rectangular shape of the three windowpanes that make up of the façade of LIGHTBOX Gallery as well as the traffic signage one encounters on a daily basis.  TheCory Imig 2 simplicity of the painted form asks the viewer to relate the daily passing shadows directly to the
installation inside the window.  In my work my material choices and physical responses to space are often times in reference to specific movements in American art history, such as Minimalism and Conceptual Art, as well as craft and fiber histories.  I use pattern, time, repetition and structure to work together to create playful and immersive environments.  These installations are meant to question the idea of permanence and phenomenological experience.


In addition to her studio practice, Cory is a founding member of Say Uncle, an experimental mobile art space opening this Fall in Champaign-Urbana.  Cory Imig, Dulcee Boehm and Benjamin Cook are working together to bring artists to the Central Illinois region to create site-specific installations that speak directly about our region and surroundings.

Cory also currently has work in an exhibition, Object Flexibility at DEMO Project in Springfield, IL.  The exhibition is collaboration between Cory Imig and Benjamin Cook.  This immersive work — comprised of site-responsive painting, sculpture, and wall-hung objects — will question the influence of physical and nonphysical space, phenomenological experience, and the singular nature of a collaborative effort.  The exhibition will be up until July 30, 2016.

Check out more of Cory Imig’s art at and her Instagram!

A BIG thank you to 40 North for their involvement and support of the LIGHTBOX program!