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LIGHTBOX – Matt Wiley

February 16, 2017

This month we welcomed Matt Wiley as our newest Lightbox artist! Walk, bike, or drive by Weiskamp at 312 S Neil St in Champaign IL to see his newest piece, on display now through April 15th.

If you’re involved in the Arts community in Champaign-Urbana, you’ve probably met Matt or have seen his art around the community.  You may have seen his Pechakucha GenderSwap!, or his beautiful windows at the CU Adventures in Time & Space.

Matt Wiley studied graphic design and video at Illinois State University, and currently is a Design Specialist at University of Illinois Extension.  He’s owned and operated his own design business, providing freelance graphic design, illustrations and multimedia services for over 11 years.  Check out his awesome website,!

This Skydiver LIGHTBOX piece reflects the clever and quirkiness of Matt Wiley’s unique and often funny style. The message in his LIGHTBOX  piece is quite relevant, here are Matt’s own words about his piece.


My original plan was to create a multi-layered scene depicting woodland hipster animals bootlegging in the forest and discovering a crashed UFO. But not possessing a workshop nor a truck to create and haul this many panels, I scaled it back to a wall-sized 3-panel comic depicting a person immensely dissatisfied with skydiving.

I could make up a weighty narrative about how our dependence on mobile devices removes the essence from life, or how distraction will ultimately lead to our demise. But really, I just wanted to make a really big comic out of a window display. My last window-sized graphic for Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space was really fun to work on.


Each element is hand-drawn in the largest Sharpie I could locate, and hand-cut from one inch sheet foam, suspended from the ceiling with 14.6lb. monofilament.



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Lightbox Matt Wiley

A BIG thank you to 40 North for their involvement and support of the LIGHTBOX program!