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LIGHTBOX – Tifani Vancil

July 28, 2017

This summer we welcomed our LIGHTBOX featured artist, Tifani Vancil! Walk, bike, or drive by Weiskamp at 312 S Neil St in Champaign IL to see her newest piece, on display through September 15th.  If you’ve ordered shirts from us at Weiskamp, you may have worked with Tifani – she is our Art Director.

About Tifani and her LIGHTBOX Installation

Tifani has a passion for art, design and making people smile. As a creative, her goal is to merge those as much as possible. She wants her ideas to be simple and whimsical, leaving the viewer brighter than before! CHEDDAR

“There’s very few things in life that I love as much as my cat Cheddar. I wanted to take this window display as an opportunity to make him larger than life and to play out a fun narrative – some cats out on a treasure hunt and hitting a bit of bump along the way. At the very front of the display, you’ll see the big cheese himself, stuck hanging upside down with a treasure map hanging from his paw.

All the pieces were hand painted, either on the glass, backdrop or foam board. The idea is the closer you look, the more fun details to the narrative you see. I wanted a display that was fun, bright and happy.”

LIGHTBOX - VANCILSee more of Tifani’s work at:

Tifani’s Instagram

A HUGE thank you to 40 North for being a partner and sponsor for LIGHTBOX!  Interested in being featured in LIGHTBOX?  Contact Kelly White at 40 North for an application!

About LIGHTBOX: We wanted to repurpose our southern front window creatively, and in 2015 we decided to launch a community gallery space. It’s not meant to showcase paintings, but rather provides a space for artists to create an original installation using the LIGHTBOX space. The art installations rotate every three months.