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Online Custom T-shirt Stores

March 1, 2020

Did you know we offer online stores for your custom t-shirts?  Whether you’re trying to raise money for a fundraising event, looking for a simple e-commerce option for your designs or need an easier way for folks to pay and submit their t-shirt size, our online store options are designed to be simple and customizable to work for you.

Online Custom T-Shirt Stores online custom store

Here’s how it works: You send us your design, the garment type(s), brand(s), and color(s) you want the design on. We then create a custom online store for your organization, business, or event.  Your store will be open for a designated time period.  When it closes, we print all the shirt orders and pass them along to you for distribution.

Online stores can also be used as a group order form when there is one entity paying for all the shirts.

Pricing for Online Custom T-Shirt Stores

We quote the online stores at the 25 price break point with no minimum order. We will provide you with a quote to help you set the price for each item. There is a 3% payment processing fee for all stores.  You will want to consider the processing fee and any handling fees when setting your prices.  You’ll receive a check for the store’s profit when you pick up your order.

If you are offering embroidery in your store, there will be a 1-time set-up fee of $35.00 if the design is not something we have embroidered for you before.

Timeline For Online Stores

Once you have decided to set-up an online store, we request that you fill out our request form and email over your design details.  The set-up time for your store is 5 business days from the time we have both the art and the request form.

Stores are open a minimum of one week (7 days).  The maximum recommended run time is three weeks.  Shorter run-times create a sense of urgency and tend to have higher sales than stores that are open for longer periods of time.

Once the store has been closed, the turn-around time for completion of your items is 10 business days.

The shortest turn-around time for an online store from the time you submit your information to pick up is 21 days.  Please keep that in mind when scheduling your pick up date.

Online Store Options

FREE Online Store
The Free store includes One Design printed on up to Four Products
You can choose two different garment colors
Once the store is closed, you’ll receive packing slips and an order summary to help with distribution

BASIC Online Store – $25 Set-up, .25 handling fee per piece ordered
Our Basic store includes Two Designs printed on up to Four Products each.
You can choose Three different garment colors
Once the store is closed, you’ll receive all items bagged by order and labeled to help with distribution
DELUXE Online Store – $100 Set-up, .25 handling fee per piece ordered
A Deluxe store includes Three Designs printed on up to Four Products each
You can choose Three different garment colors
These stores can be closed and reopened as often as you need in order to create a more permanent online ordering option
Once the store is closed, you’ll receive all items bagged by order and labeled to help with distribution

MONTHLY Print Fulfillment Store Option – Custom Priced Set-up
This store option is intended to be a permanent online ordering option that is always open.  
Multiple Designs, Products and Garment Colors are available
Orders are collected on the last Monday of the month and will be printed and ready for pick up by the 10th of the following month. Delivery or shipping is handled in-house. 
If fewer than 5 pieces are ordered in a month, they may be Heat Pressed or Digitally Printed instead of Screen Printed.
There will be a $1.00 handling fee per piece ordered

Store ADD-ON’s
Additional design $35.00 each with four products
Additional products per design $5.00 each
Additional garment colors per design $5.00 each
Bagged by order $.25 per piece (only applicable for the FREE store option)
Shipping handled in-store $1.00 per piece (if you add this option to your store, the .25 handling fee is waived)

Additional Information

A single design, is one piece of art with one print method and color scheme.  If you have art that you would like printed and embroidered, that would be considered two designs.  If you have art you would like printed in black on some garments and then in white on other garments, that would also be considered two designs.

A product is one design on one garment type.  Offering Adult T-shirts, Youth T-shirts, Adult Hoodies and Youth Hoodies with the same design would constitute four products.

When choosing your garment colors, you will want to pick colors offered in all of your products.  If you want to print on Royal Blue, Black and Red T-shirts, you can use those three colors for all other products in your order.  But if you want to print on three different colors for the sweatshirts, those would be considered Additional.

Want to know more details?  Take a look at the web store request form that includes all the details we’ll need from you to get your store up and running!  Or, contact us if you have more questions!