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Sample Garment Policy

March 4, 2018

Sample GarmentsBefore you’re ready to commit to an order, we understand that sometimes you want to ensure you like the style and fit of the garments beforehand. We understand that a size large in one brand doesn’t always have the same measurements as a size large in another brand – it can sometimes be tricky to always know the correct size to order. We offer a few options to make sure you’re confident before you order.


We have over 500 samples in various garment types, styles, colors, and sizes in our store. Anyone is welcome to check in with us to see or try on a sample before they place their order.  If we don’t have the style or size you’re looking for, we can order samples in free of charge if they stay at our store. If you need to leave Weiskamp with your samples, you’re welcome to take advantage of our Sample Garment Policy.


For any sample garments that leave the building, we do request prepayment for the samples at retail cost. Once the items arrive in our store we’ll notify you they’ve arrived and you can stop by for a pickup, or request delivery. From the day we notify you that your samples are ready for pickup, or from the day we deliver, you have two full weeks (14 days) to return the items to us for a full refund, as long as they are in returnable condition.  Alternatively, we can apply the amount you prepaid for the samples as a credit on your screen print or embroidery order. If you need to place a sample order that exceeds $100, we’re happy to extend a 35% discount off of the retail cost.

If you miss the return window and can still use the samples in a custom order, we will honor the refund for all items used.  If you miss the return window and cannot use the samples in an order, the order would not be refunded and the samples are yours to keep.

If you’re out of the area, we are also able to ship out samples.  If the quote for the order exceeds $300, we will cover the shipping costs for samples to 1 location, but you would be responsible for return shipping costs.  The sample garments would need to be returned within the same two week timeframe to be eligible for the refund.


If the above options don’t work for you, we’re happy to send over measurement specifications and comparisons for different shirts you’re interested in. Contact our Customer Service team for this request.

As always, let us know if you have any questions!