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Top 5 Most Popular Custom T-Shirt Colors

September 4, 2015

When planning to place an order for custom t-shirts, it goes without saying that one of the first questions to answer is what the t-shirt color will be.  If you already have a logo or colors you need in the design, that might decide the best color of your custom t-shirt. Or, if you really want a certain color for a t-shirt, that may decide the colors of your design.

We print t-shirts in all colors of the rainbow, but there are definitely favorites in our community. So, here at Weiskamp Screen Printing, the top 5 most popular custom t-shirt colors are, in no particular order…


1. Orangemost popular t-shirt colors

2. Navy

3. Sport Gray

4. Black

5. White


Since we screen print a lot of custom t-shirt orders for the University of Illinois, orange and navy do make a lot of sense!

How does knowing the most popular custom t-shirt colors help you?  Well, these colors are safe choices if you’re having trouble deciding.  At the same time, if  you really want your t-shirts to stand out, perhaps going with a neon or other bright color will make your shirts more noticeable.  Check out our Pinterest board for resources on color palette ideas!