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Valentines Day T-Shirt Giveaway

February 1, 2017

For the past three years, one of our designers has created a Valentine’s Day themed shirt for a t-shirt giveaway we host on Facebook.  25 people that enter the contest on Facebook will win a free tee!  Valentine’s Day is everywhere this time of the year, and we like to create designs that don’t focus on the couple-y aspect of Valentines Day.  We like to focus on designs that are empowering for someone that might not happen to be in a relationship.  The single folks don’t feel as much love around Valentine’s Day, and we don’t think that’s fair!  Our 2015-16 design was a Candy Heart that said, “No Thanks.”


Enter on Facebook by midnight on February 7th for a chance to win! To enter, comment with your t-shirt size and color, and 25 folks will be randomly selected and messaged if they win. We’ll preprint shirts for the winners, and they can pick up in store at 312 S Neil St, Champaign on February 13th.


Urban Dictionary defines the phrase Feelin’ Myself:  To be pleased with yourself, your sense of style, or your sense of well being.   The phrase became more widely known from Niki Minaj and Beyonce’s song, Feeling Myself.


Warren Bensken was our Art Director at Weiskamp until he moved to the east coast, and is still a staff designer that works remotely.  He created this fun and empowering design for this year’s Valentines Day T-shirt Giveaway!