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Ordering Face Masks

October 5, 2020

Face Masks are the hot product for this fall and back to school season.

Read on to learn about the different types of face masks we offer, ordering samples and the special we’re running!


Face Mask Options

If you would like custom printed face masks, you have come to the right place!  We can print a 1-color design on most masks without any problem.  Here are a few of our favorite mask options:

Basic cotton face masks.  There are several available in this style, but the ValuMask has the best price, especially if you’re looking for a basic Black or White option.  These are easy to print and wear.  They’re a great option for promotional masks or for outfitting your staff on a budget!




The dry-fit mask from Badger is light weight, anti-microbial and comes in a variety of popular colors.  This is our recommended mask for the School Special since it comes in so many colors and sizes.  The special area to write your name on the inside is a unique feature making it easy to keep track of your own mask.



District offers a mask with a nose piece that can be shaped to your face and a gathered chin for a great fit!  We love this one because it has head straps instead of ear straps.  It’s more comfortable and also makes it easy to take off and on throughout the day.  The structure makes it harder to print, so there may be some need to adjust your design.



We have access to hundreds of mask options,  so if there is a specific style or color you are looking for, please let us know!  There is also the option to request a mask sample pack.  They start at $30 and will give you a couple of a variety of styles to try on.  These are not returnable and non-refundable, but a great option if you’re unsure of which style will work best for your group.  Request a Sample Pack

Printing Face Masks

As we opened back up, in addition to an adjustment to our normal operating procedures, we needed to find a way to print on face masks.  They posed some unique challenges and required a little innovation.

T-shirts lay flat, which makes printing relatively easy.  Most face masks don’t lie flat, they’re made to contour your face.  They have seams and pleats, straps and nose pieces.  Also, T-shirts are a single layer of fabric that sticks to the palate nicely.  In contrast, a face mask has multiple layers of fabric that will slide around on a traditional printing palate making it hard to get a clean, crisp print.

Our owner Ed, ever the inventor, constructed a special frame to hold the mask firmly in place and attached it to one of our flat palates.  This frame makes it easy for the printers to line up the screen the same way each time.


Back to School Special

Our back to school special looks a little different this year.  Some students have moved back into the classroom and others are learning remotely, but the desire for some fun spirit wear hasn’t changed!

We are offering a special on face masks for schools or any group wanting to help out their district.  For $10, one mask will go to the purchaser and the other will go to the school to distribute as needed.  Participating schools love having the extras on hand for lost, broken or forgotten masks.  They can also been given to the teachers, custodians, staff and volunteers who want to show some school spirit!

Contact Lindsey at to ask about setting up an online store for your school’s spirit wear needs!