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Weiskamp Survey Results

August 24, 2016

A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who shared their feedback with us from our July newsletter! We sincerely appreciate ALL of your feedback.  We are taking steps to address all the comments and suggestions we received, and wanted to share the overall results with you.  We are excited for some big changes we’ll be announcing soon that will definitely make the design and ordering process a lot easier.


We were overwhelmed by all the words people shared as descriptions for Weiskamp, and decided to create a wordle as a way to organize them.  What better way to visually express the hundreds of words people shared than putting the wordle on a t-shirt? The full list of words is included in the Weiskamp survey results below too.  Fill out the form below to sign up for a wordle free t-shirt! (For mobile users, click here or open the document below.)


SURVEY WINNER  Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.37.11 PM

Gary Crull, the Director of the Sports Fitness Program at UIUC since 1992, was randomly selected as the survey winner.  Gary chose a $50 gift card for Dick’s Sporting Goods.  We’ve been printing shirts, totes, and water bottles for the Sports Fitness Program for around twenty years.  Congrats to Gary!




All the feedback from the Weiskamp Survey Results are here, transparent and unedited – the only items not included are who said what. Once again, thank you so much for participating!

Weiskamp Survey Results - How Satisfied?

Weiskamp Survey Results - Why did you choose Weiskamp?

Weiskamp Survey Results - Participate in Refer a Friend

Weiskamp Survey Results - Refer a Friend Reward

Weiskamp Survey Results - Review Us

Items Ordered

Weiskamp Survey Results - Purpose of Order

Weiskamp Survey Results - Comments and suggestionsWeiskamp Survey Results - Comments and suggestions2Weiskamp Survey Results - Comments and suggestions3Weiskamp Survey Results - Comments and suggestions4Weiskamp Survey Results - Comments and suggestions5Weiskamp Survey Results - Comments and suggestions7

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Weiskamp Survey Results - WordsWeiskamp Survey Results - Words2Weiskamp Survey Results - Words3Weiskamp Survey Results - Words4Weiskamp Survey Results - Words5Weiskamp Survey Results - Words6Weiskamp Survey Results - Words7Weiskamp Survey Results - Words8Weiskamp Survey Results - Words9