Established in 1986.

One day in 1982, a recent graduate in architecture from the University of Illinois had the inspiration to start his own t-shirt printing business. 

Ed Lovekamp asked for his girlfriend Laura Weishaar’s help (now wife of 28+ years), and she drew the first design by hand. Screens for the designs were done in the bathtub, and he used cookie sheets and the kitchen oven to dry the printed t-shirts!  This team effort led them to combine their last names, Weishaar and Lovekamp, to create Weiskamp for the business name. Later on in 1995, when they adopted their three children, all of them took the last name Weiskamp as their surname.

Weiskamp Screen Printing now calls downtown Champaign home, and continues to provide high quality custom t-shirts for all kinds of members of the local community and beyond.  They have gone beyond just t-shirts and now offer all kinds of custom garments, embroidery, and promotional items as well.